Sunday, June 19, 2016

The little things really do matter

Happy Father's Day to all those marvelous dad's out there! I hope you have a day filled with contentment, love and good food:)

Since the fabulous Rae Monet designed my website and blog in January, I've attempted to maintain the theme of interviewing artistic people. I love interviewing and have found it much easier than promoting myself. Alas, at times I need to promote myself if I want my writing career to grow.

So for my June blog, I'm going to share some thoughts and updates on where I'm at with the next book. It's been a few years since my last book, Just Plain Lucky, came out, but I've been writing, working on a three book series about a group of girlfriends, who met through their jobs at a local resort on a beautiful lake.

"Friend" trips have become popular. As an avid traveler I subscribe to a couple travel magazines and have seen a few articles published on the perfect places to go and things to do. My friends and I, who met while working at our local ski resort, have been to Banff and Calgary Alberta, Fairmont Hot Springs, Alberta, as well as smaller trips in our area. The weekends are always about visiting, (we no longer all work together) shopping, trying new restaurants, and basically having fun.

In my new book series, I've built story lines around a group of girlfriends, all in their late thirties and early forties--a time in life when you've been shaped by experiences, both good and bad, and have time for those second chance at romance events.

The series includes three brothers, special forces military with a Jewish background, who are really citizens of the world and work hard to end terrorism. Under the touch exterior, the Krol brothers want peace, love and family.

Once book one is revised, I'll send it out and finish revisions on book two. Book three is in my head at the moment, but I hope to complete it by next year.

Oh--back to the little things that really matter--as I look out my window over the top of my iMac, the sky is blue with just a few fluffy white clouds, the trees and grass are green. My children are grown, married and very happy. My grandchildren are beautiful (of course) and we're all healthy at the moment and able to weather whatever challenge comes our way. Who could ask for more?

I'd love to giveaway a trade edition copy of my most recent publication--Just Plain Lucky. Please post a comment about your friends and if you enjoy trips together, where is your favorite place to go? I'll enter your names in a drawing and will send the winner a copy.
Have a great, family filled, lovely day!