Tuesday, July 26, 2016

January in July!

Happy Summer! This month, I have the distinct honor of interviewing the talented artist and photographer, January Atkinson!

January and I go way back and I’ve always admired her artistry in everything from charcoal to acrylic paints, but when we reconnected recently, I’ve learned she is now also using photography as artistic expression. Of course her photos are superb.
Welcome, January!

Thank you! It was such a wonderful surprise hearing from you again.

In talking about your photography, what initially drew you to taking photos on a more professional level?

I’m certainly not a professional – it’s just something I really like to do - though I will admit that I’m something of a fanatic about it. I take 500 to 1000 pictures almost every day and have for the last 4 or 5 years. Photography did start as sort of a job. While working, I took photos of "stuff". The project evolved into focusing mostly on wildlife photos or anything I happen to run across on any particular day--flowers -- bugs -- my dogs - etc.

Do you still draw and/or paint on a regular basis?

Yes and no. I mainly use watercolor now, but I no longer do it just for my own entertainment. I pretty much work on commission. I paint live subjects-- people and animals, or work off photos and sometimes from the photos of the people who hire me. I still really love the process - I just don’t have the time to create my own paintings "just for fun"

Years ago, you drew a fantasy type picture on a large white piece of cardboard of your son and my youngest daughter as small children. I loved it! As I recall, they were sitting on a crescent moon?

I remember that. I used to draw the two of them frequently as they were around all the time. Do you remember the time that they followed my baby goats up onto the roof of my two-story house? Man - they scared me to death.
Fantasy type pictures are still my favorite and occasionally, I still get to do them. I also create them in Photo Shop using pictures I’ve taken...FUN!

What are you goals with your photography? Do you plan to promote and expand your business?

I *LOVE* taking pictures and it would be "way cool" if I could make more money at it - but I’m not much of a promoter - and there are so many great photographers out there that are better than I am ...soooooooo......... I think it’s basically just my relaxation.

Please share what kinds of paintings you’ve done lately and the medium used?

The last painting was in watercolor using a photo a couple took while in Italy. I’ve done quite a few dog portraits recently too. Also some Buffalo, Mountain Goats and a few fantasy pictures. They were all in watercolor. I’ve done a couple of murals that were in acrylic.

January, I’d love to post some of your work on my author Facebook page, would you be open to sharing your work—if you copyright protect them first of course?

I’ve attached a few—please pick the ones you’d like to post!

Thank you, January for taking the time to appear on my blog. It’s so nice to catch up and share your talents with the readers and writers out there!

August is another month, and I’m searching for that next unique and interesting artist. If you’d like to share your talent on my blog, please comment or PM on my Tesa Devlyn Facebook page.

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