Thursday, January 21, 2016

Selkirk Ridge Photography

Happy January and 2016! I have great hopes and goals for 2016, I hope you do too! This year I'm going to post a new blog monthly with as many interesting interviews as possible--other artists of all kinds and related professions. This month I had the privilege of interviewing Amy Peterson, owner of Selkirk Ridge Photography. When I took the step to hire Rae Monet to build a website for Tesa Devlyn, Rae suggested my then current photos were far too bright and cheerful for a Romantic Suspense writer. While my books aren't dark, I agreed with her. Having watched Amy's work expand, I knew she was who I needed and I'm very happy with the results! Hi Amy! Thank you for joining me on this month's blog. Thank you for having me, what an honor! Amy, what initially drew you to photography? I have to say there's always been a love for photos since my grandmother bought me my first camera in the 3rd grade. I was also influenced by my father as he took photos when I was a kid. But I really started photographing and getting the bug to learn more after I had my kids. I loved photographing their milestones as they grew. I still love taking lifestyle photos and portraits, as well as scenery and wildlife. About 8 years ago my direction changed a bit, since I also have a love for horses, ranching and outdoor life. I read an article in a western magazine about photographer, David Stoecklein, whom I admired very much. He documented ranch life and the ways of the west. His photos are amazing! Little did I know that I would get the opportunity to mentor with him. It was life-changing. and really stepped up my game, sending me in a direction I had only dreamed of going. Unfortunately, we lost Dave just a year ago to cancer. It was devastating. This past May, I was able to go back to David's ranch, located in Mackay, Idaho and work with his sons Drew and Taylor. They are also amazing photographers and I have learned so much from them. I look forward to sharing the same passion that David passed on to me. Amy, with such a wide variety of experience in subjects, do you have a favorite? I'm most passionate about Ranch and heritage style photography. I enjoy capturing ways of life that most don't see these days such as Ranching, farming and logging. I enjoy telling a story about their way of life and all the hard work that goes into it. I want people to know that it still exists in this busy world we life in and that it is so valuable to our culture. I think that's one of the reasons I so enjoy your work. You tell a story with your photos just like writers use words. On several occasions, I've heard it said that looking through a lens gives photographers a different view of the scene. What are your thoughts? I have to agree. I see photos in everything I look at and if my camera isn't in my hand, I feel like I'm missing an opportunity. There are so many different ways to capture a moment or a scene and it's very magical when you see the same thing, yet in such a different way than it's typically looked at. You know the second you snap that photo and look at the result if it's going to be a WOW photo. You can just feel it. What are your goals as a photographer? My goals are to continue learning as much as I can, and to have quality work that tells a story that people can relate to. This year, my plans include growing my business and do a little traveling to work with some ranch magazines. I'd love to have one of my photos published on the cover of a ranching or logging magazine. I'm not sure where it will lead me, but I have a great feeling and I'm going into this year with an open mind and see what it brings! Thank you so much for sharing with us! It's always so interesting to learn about other forms of art. Rest assured, I will highly recommend your work! Thank you, Tesa, it's been a pleasure! Good luck with your books and happy trails! Please check out Amy's work at Selkirk Ridge Photography and at

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