Saturday, August 20, 2016

FOOD--The Choices We Make!

Happy August!

This month, I'd like to revisit an earlier blog on what we eat and how it effects us.

The blogs I'm referring to contained gluten free recipes and how to adapt some of your recipes to gluten free.

Well, I'm still gluten free, but almost 2 years ago, I took a further step after suffering from my second severe attack of Ulcerative Colitis--The Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

It's the best change I've ever made-- regarding food. The choice has sharpened my mind, given me more energy and regained my strength far sooner after the severity of my UC attack than I might have otherwise.

The SCD is simply eating whole foods and leaving out grains, processed foods, dyes, processed sugars and foods high in starch. Very soon, you don't even want to eat those things again.

I still bake--hey, I'm a baker, have been since I was a little girl and mixed up flour, water and sugar and baked it in my little tins then watched while my adorable Grandpa choked down a few bites just to make me happy.

These days, I bake with Almond flour (meal) and Coconut flour. Raw local honey, fresh farm eggs. Some of my favorites are the pancake recipe, which I also make into waffles and freeze them to pop
in the toaster for breakfast.

Also the Date Loaf and The Applesassie cake. I add walnuts, golden raisins and sometimes

unsweetened coconut.

Lots of delicious options! Many of the Paleo recipes will work too, just watch the guidelines in the

SCD books. There are some subtle differences. Pinterest is a great source and network for others who

have made informed choices on their food choices.

The book, Breaking The Vicious Cycle,

will give you tons of ideas and recipes.

Enjoy the rest of your summer--see you in September!


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